DIY Felt Flower Headband - Instagram Live

Deidre Kindall

Learn how to make a gorgeous DIY felt flower headband using a fun permanent marker technique for drawing in detailed lines. I think you are going to love the end result! 

Helpful links to items/supplies I mention in the video: 

Sizzix Camellia Die

Sizzix Flower Layers & Leaves Die (may be discontinued, try eBay, Amazon or a google search)

Sizzix Flowers, 3-D

Dot Leaf & Full Leaf Die

Layered Leaf Die

10mm / 1cm Felt Balls 

Headband Nylon Material (buy the "chino" color and cut the top off and the bottom 10 inches, the rest is good for making headbands, cut them into 1 inch sections) 

Measurements for Flower Center - 1 inch x 6.5 inch

Measurement for Headband Base - 2 inch x 4.5 inch

Wool Blend Felt Retailers: Benzie Design // Busy Little Bird 

100% Wool Felt Retailers: Crafty Wool Felt // The Felt Pod







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  • Are there patterns for these flowers if we are hand cutting?

    Cindy Knupp

  • Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas in videos that are so helpful! I noticed in this one that you had paper on your steel rule dies, which is very helpful to see where the cuts will go. What kind of paper is it? Do you attach it and leave it on when cutting?


  • Which Sizzix machine do you use? Wanting to buy one, but don’t know much about them. Would love your opinion about which is the most versatile.
    Thank You so much


  • so cute! thank you for sharing this great tutorial!


  • I love this so much! Thank you for sharing! I do have one question. About how large are the petals of the large flower after you trim them? I’m trying to recreate this by handcutting and I’m not sure what size I should be aiming for. Thank you so much!


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