February ETSY Series - Instagram Live Videos

Deidre Kindall

In the month of February, I will be discussing various Etsy-related topics via Instagram Live video. The topics will stem from my experience as an Etsy seller from 2011 - 2016.

Below is a list of what I plan to discuss:

  • My Experience / My Story with Etsy
  • Made to Order vs. Ready to Ship (Custom Orders)
  • Marketing: SEO / Social Media 
  • Etsy Shop Interview: Selah Signs 


My Experience / My Story with Etsy


Made to Order vs. Ready to Ship (Custom Orders)


Etsy SEO & Instagram


Etsy Shop Interview: Selah Signs



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  • HI Deidre, I missed a video with the woman with the Etsy store.. think it was the last one you did but don’t see it on your blog, it was a while ago, sent you an email also, :) thanks!


  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a ton of super great info for those of us getting ready to take the plunge!! I cannot believe you are sharing all of this with us for free!! I feel so blessed! I feel like I have my own personal cheer leader/ coach!! Hooray for you!! :)


  • Thank you so much for the link. I enjoyed the video! I was inspired and encouraged. I’ve had a shop on Etsy since 2010. But there is so, so much I do not know. I have been overwhelmed and flying by the seat of my pants for 8 years! I am amazed by how God has blessed. But I feel like if I could just stop and figure it out I would do better. I identify so much with what you said a few times about liking it but not thriving in it. I am living a dream to have my own business, work from my own shop, be my own boss etc. However, because everything I do is custom it is frustrating a lot of the time and always stressful to get things out. Because as a pastors’ wife, mom of three married kids, 4 grans and two more on the way…life happens! Anyway, I appreciate you! Your advice and your time. I look forward to your future videos! Blessings, Donna

    Donna Waldrop

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