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Deidre Kindall

Hello my friends! So last week I shared a fun CRAFT VLOG over on YouTube that gave you a small peek into my studio space. I also shared a fun project/challenge I've been working on and gave some tips on a few supplies and tools! 

The links I discussed in the video:

White Trays (for organizing die cuts and flowers)
Sizzix Bigz Cameilla Die
Mini Clips
Sizzix Machines
The Glue Gun I use (and love)
The Glue Stick Roll


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  • Such a great video!! :) You mentioned one could get by with just 4 dies. What are you top 4 die recommendations for a beginner? Also, if I wasn’t brave enough to do the Pro machine, is there a smaller version that you prefer? (There are so many, not sure which to choose).

    Joan Taylor

  • I’m excited about the glue gun! Thank you.


  • You have such a beautiful studio!!

    Snowflake Designs

  • Love the jewelry trays you use…gonna have to look into those a little. I was going to use something that I had, however it was just too deep.

    Dawn Young

  • Love your studio!!

    Hnou Gonzalez

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