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My favorite pairs of scissors for cutting felt florals!

Deidre Kindall

When it comes to making felt flowers, weather by hand or using a die cut machine, there are TWO very important tools that you MUST have. The first is a glue gun and the second is pair quality scissors. However, you will likely find that you need more than one or even two pairs of scissors for all the different types of cutting, snipping, trimming, shaping, etc. 

    Not all scissors are created equal and for a good reason, each size and type has different characteristics that help you achieve specific techniques. In this blog post, I will cover my favorite pairs of scissors and what I use them for. I will work from LEFT to RIGHT from the image above.


    • Fiskars 5 Inch RazorEdge Micro-Tip Easy Action Shears

       I call these my "snipping" and "tight corner" scissors because they the are FANTASTIC for cutting out intricate shapes by hand or when using a PDF Template. Check out my instructional youtube video HERE for some examples. They are also excellent for doing quick short snips into felt strips for flower centers. 
    • OLFA Precision Smooth Edge Scissors

      These are my new favorite pair of small scissors mainly because of how comfortable they are. I like that the handles are the same on each side and they fit in my hand nicely and my fingers don't get fatigued when I'm doing a lot of detailed cutting. I tend to use these for cutting strips and scalloped details into petals, etc. They are one of my "go to" pair of scissors that I use regularly. 
    • Fiskars 8 Inch Heritage Seamstress Scissors 

      This is the first pair of scissors I ever purchased, which is sort of funny b/c I think that is the same for many crafters. They are a generic size and style that works great for many crafts. However, they are my least used pair of scissors. I only get them out when I'm cutting up scraps of felt or need to cut something that's very large. I would say that you could easily go without this pair and instead buy the others.
    • Fiskars Crafts 8150 RazorEdge Fabric Shears, 5-Inch

      These were my first small scissors and for about 3 years I used them religiously, seriously you guys, I think I held these scissors more than I did anything else in my life from 2012 - 2015. (except for maybe my glue gun) They are a solid small pair of scissors however they tend to dull quickly and are not easily sharpened. My honest recommendation would be to skip this pair and go for the Olfa small scissors. 
    • Fiskars No.4 Curved Craft Scissors

       I call these my "sneaky" scissors b/c I use them ALL THE TIME for cleaning up glue and sneaking into tight spaces in flowers to trim excess bulk and glue strings. You can't see it in this image but they have a curved tip on the blades, I believe they are embroidery scissors for trimming strings, but they work wonders when you need to "edit" your finished florals. 
    • Gingher 7 Inch Knife-Edge Dressmaker's Shears 

      And the last pair is my ULTIMATE all time favorite pair of scissors ever, ever, ever! They are of superior quality and cut through felt like BUTTER, ah it's so satisfying. I use this regularly for cutting out all my basic leaf and petal shapes. One thing I love about them is the SIZE, they are a larger pair of scissors but not the standard 8 inches, instead they are only 7 inches long and therefore a bit more comfortable and less bulky. 

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