My detour - what's next for me!

Deidre Kindall

If you've been a long time follower of mine on Instagram you might remember back in late 2016 where I deleted nearly all my posts and dramatically changed the look of my account overnight.

I had decided to finally listen to an "inner voice" that had been nagging me for a few months. I desperately wanted to make an artistic shift with my designs. I knew it would take time but the first step for me was to VISUALLY change things - thus deleting half my feed. Normally one would just organically do that over time - but not me - I like to be drastic.

I remember taking a screenshot of my feed, you can see it below, I only wish I had captured more of my posts. I will also share a current screenshot of the bottom of my feed. 


See the style change? See the colors? This was what my inner voice was whispering to me; make what you WANT to make - not what you think you SHOULD make.

THEN BOOM - I took a very MASSIVE DETOUR! haha. In December of that year, I launched my first ever online course and that's probably how most of you know me - from taking my classes. 

Instead of combining teaching with the tug of my inner voice I simply surrendered to teaching what my students wanted to learn. I knew it was inevitable, my first-time students knew my work for what it currently was - not for what I wanted it to be. Plus I knew if I was going to grow my education business I needed to listen to my customers.

Detour is defined as a long or roundabout route that is taken to avoid something or to visit somewhere along the way. Who knows maybe I was avoiding something (like a huge aesthetic change to my work - haha!) but honestly I know now that it was to VISIT. I was visiting the importance of sharing.

With each course I created I was able to share not just useful information but parts of my life as well. Many times it felt awkward and I would often get annoyed when I came off as robotic or rehearsed but I continued doing it. And despite the many cringe-worthy videos I made, something awesome happened...I learned who I was. It's the truth, teaching online courses helped me find myself. Plus on top of all that I developed some of the sweetest online friendships and connections a girl could ask for. 

Now the detour is coming to an end and I'm ready to get back on the course I visualized four years ago. In addition to revamping my entire IG feed that one night I made myself a vision board...

This is what beats inside my Artistic heart. This is a glimpse of where I want to go. I realize that for much of my audience it's a huge shift and many of you may not be joining me down this new path. THAT'S OKAY - cuz you got the memo about following my personal IG account - right! haha! Just kidding. If this is where we part ways just know I love you, I'm grateful for you, and I hope I left you with some awesome information about creating felt florals.



  • I have enjoyed following and you and will continue to do so. I wanted to purchase a few of the courses but there is only a few listed. Is the master class and floral class still available. I wish you much happiness in wherever your detour takes you.

    Kim Bernosky

  • DEIDRE! What an EXCELLENT teacher…what an AMAZING human being you are! Your kindness and pure spirit will always lead you to your TRUE destination. I’m so glad that you’ve realized your ultimate goal and vision amidst all the detours you had to take. It’s been pure joy following you on this journey and I can’t wait to see where you take us next. Thank you for your IMMENSE support always :)


  • I have followed you on IG and watched many of your YouTube videos. Learned so much from you and wish you well in your future endeavors.

    Elaine Gantner

  • WOW! Thank you, ladies, you are all incredible. I am humbled to have had you as students/friends and for your support. I host my blog on Shopify and it doesn’t allow me to respond to your comments individually (bleh! so annoying). But to each of you – THANK YOU again and I’m excited to share what unfolds for me over the next few months and more.


  • Deidre! Looking forward to your new journey ! As one of your charter students, you know how much I appreciate all I learned and your generous heart! Excited for you!

    Karen Watson

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