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WOOD Custom Item Design - EXCLUSIVE

flohra design

Regular price $20.00
WOOD Custom Item Design - EXCLUSIVE

Here at fLOhRA Design, we have the unique ability to create custom cutouts to meet your specific design needs. There are TWO different types of custom orders we offer, this listing is for our EXCLUSIVE custom order. 

EXCLUSIVE Custom Order - When you need a custom design that is unique to your shop or special occasion, etc. A design that will remain exclusive to you indefinitely. This means that we will never offer it to any other customers.  

Not worried about exclusivity, just need a regular custom design? go to this listing HERE

The amount of "drafting" required determines the custom FEE. This is not the final cost of the item but the ONE TIME fee for design. All custom orders include up to THREE pdf file "proof" previews. 

What draft time should I pick/order?? The first step is to email us here: let us know what you are looking for then we can give you a "draft" time estimate. Then you come back HERE and order this listing to get started. 

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