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Bulk Order Discounts

fLOhRA Design is now offering bulk order discounts! Whohoo! You can now buy our fabulous wood supplies in larger quantities at a discounted price. There are no Minimum Order Quantities only Minimum Order Totals. As long as your order total is in the correct range below you are eligible to use the coordinating coupon code. Simply put the coupon code in at checkout and your good to go. If you still have questions contact us here:

  • $75.00 - $125.00 // 25% OFF Coupon Code: 25BULK 
  • $125.01 - $175.00 // 30 % OFF Coupon Code: 30BULK
  • $175.01 - $300.00 // 35% OFF Coupon Code: 35BULK
  • $300.01 - and up // 40% OFF Coupon Code: 40BULK

Our Bulk Order Discounts are always available for use when you meet the minimum order totals and do NOT EXPIRE. However, they can not be combined with other discounts or coupon codes.