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Class Syllabus // Hair Accessories

Felt Floral Hair Accessories Class Syllabus

What you will learn...

This class is hosted in a PRIVATE facebook group and requires that you have a facebook account. 
Post #1 - Headband & Clip Material (with PDF of links)
Post #2 - Adding in Other Material
Post #3 - How to have Balance in Your Accessories
Post #4 - How to Package & Ship Your Accessories
Post #5 - How to Stiffen Your Felt
Post #6 - How to Use FREEZER PAPER for patterns
Video #1 - "Fanned" Hair Bow
Video #2 - "Skinny" Hair Bow
Video #3 - "Doubled" Hair Bow
Video #4 - "Basic" Hair Bow
Video #5 - Ranunculus w/ Rose Buds Flower
Video #6 - Poppy w/ Leaves Flower
Video #7 - Heirloom Rose w/ Buds Flower
Video #8 - Spiral Daisy w/ Leaves Flower
Video #9 - Peony Floral Crown
Video #10 - Full Flower Floral Crown
Bonus Video - Poppy Flower Crown
VERY IMPORTANT: You DO NOT have to have a die cut machine to make ANY of these designs. BUT you can! I am demonstrating BOTH ways! For those of you who are cutting by hand, I have PDF patterns that coordinate with each design that you can print off! I will be sharing how to print them off on Freezer Paper that you can then iron directly onto your felt for cutting out.