Class Syllabus // Letter School



Letter School w/ fLOhRA Design CLASS SYLLABUS


*everything below is in VIDEO format

Module ONE: Gluing & Sanding (the wood material, how to properly and efficiently glue, how to sand and different sanding options) 

Module TWO: Stain, Lacquer, Prime, Paint (how to apply stain, how to apply lacquer, how to apply primer and why, how to apply paint)

Module THREE: Adding a Paper Layer (when to apply paper and how to use mode podge in place of glue) 

Module FOUR: Adding in Florals (examples of popular color combinations, maintaining balance, custom options for customers, etc.)

Module FIVE: Sourcing the right tools (where to purchase the ideal tools for cleaning, sanding, painting, etc.)

Module SIX: PRICE LIKE A PRO class (finding your niche or target customer, how to price handmade items with integrity)

Ordering Wood Materials from fLOhRA design (includes my backstory with ordering wood materials)

Facebook LIVE - a demonstration of me filling up a wood heart. 

Facebook LIVE - fillable wreaths, numbers, fruit, etc. AND Pricing Advice.