My Felt Floral Hair Accessories Class is BACK and at a new LOW PRICE!

How to buy on INSTAGRAM

Hey there! If your here that means your interested in buying some of my handmade designs. First of all, THANK YOU, it's always nice to know others admire my work. Below you will find the STEP BY STEP process for ordering off my @flohrahandmade IG account. 

  • Be the FIRST to comment "sold" or "claim" under the IG image post.
  • I will then respond back to your comment with "accepted".
  • After I've responded send me a DIRECT MESSAGE with the following:
  • SCREENSHOT of the item or items you claimed. 
  • YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL (this is the only form of payment I accept)
  • YOUR ZIP CODE (for calculating accurate shipping costs)
  • I will then set up an INVOICE and let you know it's been sent. 
  • You pay the invoice.
  • I then package up and ship your items (typically within 1 - 3 business days)

I do accept customers from overseas (p.s. I'm located in the United States) but be aware that shipping costs can be expensive. However, if you're willing to pay them that works for me.

If you order MULTIPLE ITEMS I will average out the shipping cost so you don't pay more than necessary.