Letter School F.A.Q's.

Where do I join? You register by signing up HERE 

Can I join anytime? Yes, unlike some of my other courses this class is open for enrollment at any time!

How do I get access? Within 24 hours (after you purchase) you will be sent an email that contains a Confidentiality Agreement that needs to be signed. After signing and returning the agreement you will be sent another email with private links to the class videos and the class Facebook Group. 

How much is it? Is that a one-time-price? The initial payment to gain access to the course is a ONE-time payment, a portion of what you are paying for is the rights to some of my "trade secrets". Then after you've taken the class you are eligible to order specific wood supply materials from me if you choose. 

Do you share live Videos? How do you teach us? The class modules are Pre-recorded videos and a few FB Live videos that I've already shared. Additionally, there is a great info shared amongst the students in the Facebook Group.

What if I miss a class? Can I watch it later? You have LIFETIME access to the videos so you can watch them and re-watch them anytime you want for life. 

What kind of tools or supplies do I need? You will only need glue, sanding paper, and the wood. But if you want to take it further you can use paint, wood stain, lacquer, etc. Another option is an electric palm sander, but no other tools or equipment are necessary.

Does everyone in the class price their handmade letters the same?  No. However, I do teach (in module 6) the importance of pricing right for your niche and focusing on achieving a healthy profit margin. Everyone prices differently for their final product, but most understand the importance of not underpricing so that we don't damage the market for them.