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Price Like a Pro - Online Business Class

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Price Like a Pro - Online Business Class

What are the right prices for your designs? It's not a simple thing to figure out, and for years I did it all wrong. But eventually (and thank goodness) I figured it out. I now regularly use a formula that is easy to understand and gives me confidence and peace of mind when pricing my items. In this course, I will be sharing my formula with you, but I will also be sharing my best "practices" for having the right mindset when it comes to pricing and selling handmade. 

What the class includes:

One 60 min. VIDEO / PDF of Terms / Excel Pricing Formula Template


Module 1: Why Pricing is Important / Defining Your Target Customer

Module 2: Pricing Terms and Definitions

Module 3: The M+P Method / My Pricing Formula

Module 4: Custom Orders / Discounts

Module 5: Your Value as Maker 


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